About Us

The innovative and unique global shoe jewelry brand SHOES’IT offers every customer the option to design and accessorize any shoe in its selection, using the special concept we designed.

SHOES’IT shoe jewelry expresses the customer's personality or hobbies, any social or personal statement, and all that without even saying a word! 

Who among us doesn’t have a necklace, a bracelet or a tattoo which express our desire to say something about our personality, hobby, or ideas we believe in? SHOES’IT takes this desire one step further and offers a unique and innovative concept.

SHOES’IT gives every customer the option of expressing themselves in simple elegance, style and boldness. Every customer, as per their choice, can create and combine pieces of jewelry based on their mood, attire or special events, and express themselves using a unique piece of jewelry and turn a standard shoe into a shoe which expresses a personal statement, a social statement, a protest, a feeling, a visual language between people, friends, communities, sports fans. With SHOES’IT you’re no longer just wearing a shoe like everyone else, you’re saying something about yourself, without the use of words.


SHOES’IT shoe jewelry is designed in a variety of solid, bold, colorful designs, using quality raw materials, elaborate combinations, a variety of inlaid gemstones, Swarovski, Preziosa, and a unique variety which provides SHOES’IT’s jewelry with quality and prestige which is preserved over time.

Here at SHOES’IT, we put an emphasis on the product’s quality and producing joy and a lasting experience for our customers. We're sure that the innovation which SHOES’IT brings to the table will become an inseparable part of the footwear fashion world, and the accessories that come with it.

Our customers can choose a personal laser debossing in a variety of stylized plates which are available for personal order on the website.

SHOES’IT jewelry has a patent which is based on our adapted clipper for our jewelry. It allows us to add/remove jewelry to/from the shoelace with ease and transfer it from shoe to shoe, there is no need for threading, no need to remove the laces, simply choose a location and go for it. The clipper will make sure that jewelry stays in the selected location while walking, dancing or engaging in reasonable physical activity.

The perfect gift for you and your friends, which uniquely matches anyone, any event and any budget.

SHOES’IT jewelry is sold around the world, through its international website at WWW.SHOESITJEWELRY.COM

We at SHOES’IT promise to keep innovating and let you express your uniqueness in creative and fashionable ways, with SHOES’IT you're no longer just like everyone else.

Enjoy, SHOES’IT 

Go For It



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